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Request Help Choosing Your Perfect Mistress

Describe your ideal Phone Mistress
What Fetishes or interests would you like your Phone Mistress to specialize in?
Which of these fetishes does NOT interest you?
 Anal play 
 Hardcore Domination 
 Orgasm Denial 
What is your style of orgasm denial?
 I'm not into orgasm denial at all - I just like teasing 
 I like to be denied for a while, but I want the call to end with an orgasm 
 I like to be denied as long as possible 
Which best describes you?
 I want to find a phone Mistress to call on a regular basis 
 I like to call someone different every time 
Which best describes you?
 I am not into female domination at all - I just want someone smart and sexy 
 I am into sensual domination 
 I am into hardcore domination 
For age, I prefer...
 A more Mature Mistress 
 A Younger Mistress 
 Doesn't matter 
When it comes to bisexuality, is it:
 Totally off limits! It doesn't interest me at all 
 I love it - bring on the cocks! 
 Take it or leave it 
Do you prefer...
 Short calls (10 to 20 minutes) 
 Medium length calls (20-40 minutes) 
 Longer calls (40 minutes to 2 hours) 
 Super long calls (2+ hours) 
 I'll talk as long as I'm enjoying the conversation 
I usually call...
 In the morning 
 In the afternoon 
 In the evening 
 In the middle of the night 
What Time Zone are you in?
When would you like to call...
My primary reason for calling phone sex is:
 To get off! Why else would I call? 
 For intelligent, erotic conversation 
 To have some company for a while 
Name you'd like to be called?
Email *
Your experience with phone sex
 I've been using phone sex services for years 
 I've been using phone sex services for 1 year or less 
 This is my first time calling phone sex 
I have used LDW Group's services
 Many times 
 A Few times 
 This is my first time 
During an erotic phone session, I like to:
 Talk more than I listen 
 Listen more than I talk 
In addition to erotic interests, I prefer a Mistress who can converse about:
Between phone sessions, do you like to email or Message via Skype with your phone Mistress?
 Not sure, I've never done it before 
Do you use Skype?
If you use Skype, what is your Skype name?
I prefer someone who is:
 A litte of both! 
Would you like us to have your Recommended Mistress email you? *
 Yes, please have her email me 
 No thanks, just send me the recommendations and I'll contact the Mistress myself 
Would you like us to email you with special promotions such as the Enchantrix Weekly newsletter? *
 Yes, please 
 No thank you 
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